Well history mentioned it as ancient origin, and direct offspring of the Alaunt and Hyrcania dogs of Ancient Persia, as well as the legendary Assyrian Molossus - brought the Indian subcontinent by the Indo-Aryan invaders. There is evidence that India had such Mastiff type dogs long before the arrival of the British, and are mentioned in the literature of Alexander the Great and Aristotle. Through early contacts between the Persian and Assyrian empires, and the Indus Valley civilization, it is possible that the large Mastiff type dogs of India and those of the Persians/Assyrians, have influenced each other.

In Pakistan this breed known as Bulli mastiff , Its name actually comes from the Hindi/Urdu word bohli - meaning heavily wrinkled .

Although in the past it has been used by criminal gangs for dog fighting or other illegale activities which is still going on . So our primery mession is to save this breed before he remove his existance and try to make their future better ...
           Some True Facts about about Indian Mastiff...



 Well I have this breed from last many years & my grandfather also had this breed . he told me many times about this breed . but my initial motive to launched this website and written this article was just to let people know about this breed .

From last many months I heard about many names of one breed , bully cutha , kohat bully , afghan bully bully bullterr , kumaon mastiff , sindh mastiff Pakistani bully and even Indian bully . Let me tell you the original name of the breed is  BULLI ,  not even BULLY  . actually this name given by the britishers when they came in Indian b’cos they cant pronounce the word  BOHLI which was the original name of this breed . so from more then  two hundred years this breed called as BULLI only  and all the other breeds are either mingled by this breed or not even have any bulli line but still called bulli b’cos it makes the ikon.

As I heard lots of time in many website that bulli don’t have same standard not even all bulli seems to be same . but its not . Pure bulli defiantly have same standard and even all same nature and same structure  .

Basically pure bulli having a height in between 28" to 32" and weight more then 55Kg , as some people claimed more then 36” height are all fake . not even 98% people on the website never have seen bulli in their life . even from India and Pakistan not many people have seen bulli in their life . actually pure bulli’s are very very rare in Indian & same in Pakistan .

As  media made hysteria regarding this breed and given very wrong publicity for this breed is totally wrong ,  it not really so .

Bulli is one of the most  intelligent and  very obedient strong guard dog . he is like any other good guard dog who loves his family and very devoted for him .but some wrong people by intestinally impose him in a fighting pit .   



CAUTION :- not for those peoples who make intention to use our puppie in illegal activities . We just let the police if we come to know !!!

                                        Introduction of new breed , very rare IndianBullterr


As I promised you to take other indian molossers also so now we introduce this time Indianbullterr . Very rare North –Indian terrier . Generally people mingled English bullterrier with pointer or other breeds and sale their  puppies as they are in huge demand . The pure Indian Bullterr are  very very rare now  . They having unimaginable stamina and unbelievable tolerance power  . That’s why this breed having a huge demand for all illegal activities  .

This is a same breed Known in Pakistan as GullTerr and even kohat bulldog . They comes in white color . they are heavy boned small-medium dog . Very active and playful specially with young children’s .very loyal for his master  but not recommended for first time dog keeper and need early socialization . but his action makes real motion , I’mean this breed is recommended for those people who really need SOME THING DIFFERENT !!

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