There are many Indian Mastiff I have seen but the male or female in this screen box are related to us . These are high quality approved , after knowing their previous history only .

Our future strategy is also to find out best quality specimen and breed them to secure their future also . Time by time we will upgreat by adding more and more information regarding Indian Mastiff.
Our previous given pups & their owner experiences by their own words...

This beautiful female Indian Mastiff belongs to Dr. yajnesh shetty from Bombay.

I got Astra from Mr Tiwari as a 2 and half month old pup. My first impression was that she had a good head, excellent angulations, good gait and a beautiful soft coat. She had tolerated the flight from Delhi quite well but she seemed glad to have some human company again. Her bark was surprisingly loud for a pup and it echoed in the cargo area.
I named her Astra which means "weapon" in Sanskrit and "Starry" in english. Bringing her up was a pleasure. Toilet training was a breeze, she was obedient from the beginning, got along well with my other two dogs after their initial hostility.
She is very loving with family members, though initially not too fond of physical contact like hugs etc she has learned to tolerate it :-). She has a natural guarding instinct and will challenge any stranger though she has not shown the desire to bite yet thankfully.
She is extremely agile and playful, good sprint, great stamina and can turn on a dime. She loves to swim and play in the river at the place we visit every weekend with my dogs.
She has a great appetite, not too fussy an eater though she prefers natural food to the packaged kind.

She has had no health problems at all to date.
At 16 months she is 28" at the withers and 40 kgs. I think is a great specimen of a female Indian Mastiff."


He is RAKA, very hansome, poweful six month old Indian Mastiff owned by Mr. Deepesh from Gujrat.

I got this naughty fellow when he was one and half month from Mr Atul Tiwari. Actually I had Rothwellier before raka but he died without any knowing reason in very young age of seven month old. So I again in search of any powerful imported breed but I changed my mood, when I came to know about Indian Mastiff through some pakistani website. after a deep search I came in contact of Mr Atul Tiwari from whom I got this raka.

At the age of six month I totally depend upon him. His loyalty and devotion for his family is unbelievable. He could become a small pony for my daughter as well as a powerful bodyguard for her. Now I'm totally unworried for my family when I away for business purpose.

At the age of six month he got height 26" and 32 KG weight. I have never seen such kind of handsome and powerfull Indian breed in my live before, in short I love my raka lot.


This sixteen month old "SHIVA" owned by Ram Charan Chaudhary from Uttar Pradesh.

Initially shiva for me is like any other dog. Frankly I got him for hunting purpose from Atul ji. But their was an incident who changed my life and my thoughts regarding dogs. Actually I have three resturant and one beer shop. When shiva was just nine month old, one night I came late to my home as usual form collection. I gave food to shiva full of nonveg. I went near to my compound to closed the door. I saw three heavy men near to my main gate seem to be with bad intention. As I asked any thing they attacked on me. I became unconscious and started faint. As a second movement what I saw two of them run away with shouting help help and remaining one is looking for near escape. As I turned my face what I saw is my shiva liking my hand. From that movement I stoped animal hunting and take shiva as my sole.

Today he is sixteen month old very handsome and powerful dog and became my partner as well. As I take him every where .


This strong BLACKY two year old is owned by karan rana from jaipur.

Once u drive Mercedes, u can't be comfortable in honda. Same theory with Indian Mastiff. After a pride owner of Indian Mastiff you dont like any other. He is real Indian Gem.

Now I can't live without this breed any more in this life. Thanks to Mr. Tiwari .