Appearance :
Indian Mastiff males reach a height of 28-33 inches at the withers & females range from 26-30 inches. Males weight generally more then 55Kg some times even more then 75 kg also recorded . they are very muscular and thick boned. They have active mastiff appearance, and have a wrinkled and boxy face .
Temperament :
Due to the nature of the work these dogs are bred to perform, they are known to be human aggressive which make them unique guard dog and also with proper socialization from an early stage they can become superb protectors and guardians.
Why its better :
It must seems that your buddy Doberman , Labrador , German shepherd or bullmastiff are very happy or looks very active but our Indian climate some where doesn't suits them . Its very common like when ever season changes it takes many disease or infection with them .

Or secondly almost all imported dogs they mingled so much that they got genetic disorder . like most favorite breed German shepherd commonly surfed from hip joints problem or breed like mastiff usually have skin problem . its b'cos our climate doesn't support them . In against this Indian Mastiff having no genetic disorder , one of very active mastiff , very alert and best for guard purpose . These dogs are very rough & tough . They actually made for Indian climate . In the month of June & July when the climate goes up more then 40degree at this time other breeds demanding for cool place and they started irritated or more lazy . at this movement you can compare this Mastiff with other breeds .

Third , they are very good guard dog . enjoy the company of family member specially children's but at the same time alarming for intruders also . They easily identify friend or enemy . Very good smell power and very high ear senses . They are highly alert even in the night also . Very intelligent and easily trainable but need early training to socialize with other animals ...