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Cathay Media Official Site Condition of Use

I. Statement of Intellectual Property Rights

The domain names and corresponding IP rights of "" and "", etc., are the exclusive property of Cathay Media and Education Group Inc. (herein after referred to as "Cathay Media"). You may not use the domain names without license or similar domain names, icons, trade names, etc. to confuse the public.

II. Disclaimer

While Cathay Media employs its best efforts to provide accurate content on its websites, it does not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, adequacy, completeness and reliability of materials and information included in or made available through the websites, and expressly denies any responsibility or liability for the errors or omissions of the content, nor does it provide any expressed or implied warranty, including but not limited to that of ownership, non-infringement of third party rights, quality regarding the content and safe environment for browsers.  The materials and information mentioned above include but are not limited to texts, pictures, data, views, suggestions, web pages and links.

III. Rules on Repost

Intellectual property of all texts, pictures, audios and video on the websites without notices of source belongs to Cathay Media and/or related owners. You shall not repost, cite, annotate or make use of them by other methods without written permission of Cathay Media.  Infringements on intellectual property of Cathay Media and relative owners will be investigated for liability.  Information from a third party abstracted or reproduced on the websites are provided with notice of its source.  In Cathay Media's repost of a third party's content, it does not assume the authenticity and its recognition of the content, or any liability for any infringing content of a third party.  To repost any content of the websites, you shall retain notices of its source and be held exclusively liable for your repost.  Without the written permission of Cathay Media, you shall not copy, alter, distribute, reprint, play, display, perform the content, connect or transmit it with a super link, load it on another server, store it on information retrieval system or use it for any commercial purpose, otherwise, Cathay Media will hold you liable in accordance with law.