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Cathay Media and Education Group Inc. Hiring Information


        Cathay Media and Education Group Inc. is one of the most successful private media companies in China. With its strong investment, production and distribution capabilities, the company has entered the fields of TV series, films, TV shows, radio programs, advertising agency, and artists agency. Cathay Media and Education Group Inc. has invested in a large number of high-quality TV series produced by Zhang Jizhong, such as "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", " Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils ", " The Return of the Condor Heroes ", " The Deer and the Cauldron " etc.

       In the meantime, the company has covered a wide range of other topics: such as the ancient costume TV series "Red Dragonfly", Lin Yutang's famous novel "Moment in Peking ", fashion TV series "Song of Sadness", idol TV series "Emerald on the Roof", contemporary urban TV series "Because of you " and Lao She's famous novel " Four Generations Under One Roof ", Liang Yusheng's famous novel "Da Tang Ranger" and so on.

        In terms of TV shows, Cathay Media and Education Group Inc. has produced CCTV's film and television information column " Movies and TV Shows" and the talk show "Movie and TV Club".

        A broad career platform requires more talented people. We sincerely invite you who love the media industry to join Cathay Media and Education Group Inc. and create a successful career together with us!

        Please kindly send your resume to the company’s HR email address: